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WSPayPer PersonalizedService code: WSPayPerPersonalized

Tailored to all your needs down to the smallest detail. Personalized innovative CrossPayment solution. Secure payment according to PSD2 regulations related to online payments and SCA application.

What fetaures does WSPayPer personalized offers?

Access from your own subdomain

With the obligatory use of SSL certificates, you are enabled to access and send offers from your own subdomain (eg

Flexible payment options

Deposit collection, pre-authorization, one-time payment, reccuring payents or payment with tokenized cards.

Personalization down to the smallest detail

The system adapts to all your needs, text messages, visual identity (brand) down to the smallest detail.

Integration with all systems

Connect WSPayPer to all systems you use (CRM, HIS, OTA etc.)

CoF activation (Card on File)

Allow customers to save cards for future payments in a secure WSPay PCI DSS environment

Connecting with other solutions

Connect WSPayPer with other WSPay solutions. Add different payment methods such as e-wallet, QRPay, etc.


  • Connecting with the visual identity of the company
  • A list of all created payment calls that allow re-contact with the customer
  • Connect to all WSPay solutions in Omnichannel
  • Payment of transactions to multiple accounts (by organizations)
  • Integration with all systems(CRM, HIS, OTA...)
  • Possible service upgrade for hotel industry Online check In/Out
  • Price: 1,00 EUR~0,13 EUR
  • Service description

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