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Digital WPOSService code: DigitalWPOS

A mobile application that fully meets all requirements of the PSD2 regulation for online payments.

It can be run as an application or through a web browser. Payment can be made as a one-time payment or in installment payments with all types of credit and debit cards.

For the contracted point of sale, the following is possible:

  • QR code generation by merchant for the payment. By scanning the QR code with mobile device, the customer opens an application for making payments via QRPay
  • sending a QR code in the form of a link to an email for remote payment by the user with full3D authorization (SCA transactions) or by SMS (the option with SMS is charged additionally),
  • the possibility of direct payment on the spot based on the received card number (MoTo transaction) if your activity meets the conditions of the contract with the cardholder,
  • saving cards for future recurring payments in QRPay,
  • the option of integration with cash registers and other account systems,
  • payment with a saved card in such a way that the user generates a QR code for his saved card, which the merchant will read with a QR code scanner or by reading the bar code or by manually entering the numbers below the bar code in the card number field.

After the payment is made, the point of sale and the Customer receive a confirmation with transaction details.

* Suitable for SelfCheckIn / SelfCheckOut systems

For the DWPOS Package, it is NOT necessary to activate WSPaySTANDARD or WSPayADVANCE.

Transaction types (depending on the merchant's needs):

  • CIT transactions
  • CoF transactions
  • MoTo transactions

Commercial terms and conditions

The price of using DWPOS is 50,00 EUR + VAT/per year (plus transaction fee 0,08 EUR + VAT/per transaction. Payment is made within 7 days AFTER ACTIVATION of the first production parameters by the card holder company and the license is valid for 12 months from activation.

Extension of DWPOS service is done automatically for the next billing period, and an invoice is issued for the same. If the merchant wants to unsubscribe from the further use of the WSPay Standard service, he can do so only in writing form and no later than 7 days from the day of invoice receipt.

  • Price: 1,00 EUR~0,13 EUR
  • Service description
  • Specific Terms

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